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Performance Contracts

contractsIn order to receive contract support, pension contributions and other AFM benefits, you must file each contract with Local 1000, using the union’s contract form. You can download the appropriate form (or ask the office to send you one). After the form is filled out and signed by the employer it must be mailed to the Local 1000 office. You do not sign the contract. Legally it is an agreement between your employer and the union. That is what gives the union the standing to enforce it for you.

If you have questions you should contact the Local 1000 office, or 212-843-8726 (10:00-6:00 pm Tuesday and Thursday) for guidance on filing contracts. We’ll be happy to walk you through the contract-filing process.

Musicians living in the U.S.

Musicians living in the U.S. and paying into the U.S. pension fund use the LS-1 contract. You can fill out the LS-1 form on-screen, or print it out and write or type in the information. The LS-1 does not address issues such as performance time, sound tech, travel, lodging, meals, etc., however you can attach a supplementary agreement covering these and other requirements you may have.

Download the AFM LS-1 Contract


If you wish to file a union contract without making pension contributions, you may submit the AFM T-2 Contract for Traveling Engagements.

Download the AFM T-2 Contract

Musicians living in Canada

Musicians living in Canada and paying into the Canadian pension fund use the LPCC form.

Download the LPCC form (435K PDF)

What Contracts Do I Need?

Rosalyn Dennett of The Canadian Federation of Musicians has created this presentation that outlines performing and recording contracts, and which ones you need.


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