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Work Dues Equivalency

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Work Dues are the primary funding for the work of the Local as we support our membership. The members who are filing contracts for pension contributions from LS-1s, LPCCs or CBA’s are already being billed for their work dues contribution.


Yet, some of our members are not actively filing contracts and don’t have the opportunity to support the usual work of our local.


Our members are generous in supporting specific needs and causes. Some examples are: When we needed a new office computer, donations covered the cost. Our Local was the largest supporter of the Deportees Memorial Monument in Fresno. We provided our long-time Office Manager with a generous and useful parting gift when she left to pursue her studies. Our members are consistently generous with supporting our Emergency Relief Fund.


Therefore, we are inviting these members to support our local by providing 2.5% Work Dues Equivalency Donations for the equivalent of at least one gig (regular venue) each month.


For example:  The regular venue scale is $230.  At 2.5% this is a contribution of $5.75 a month or $69 a year.


Adopted 10/24/2014 by the Executive Board.


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