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Pay scales

scales_flute Pay scales are set collectively by Local 1000 members, to establish a minimum wage. Many of our members negotiate payment well above scale. If you perform under a Local 1000 contract you must receive at least scale wages. This applies as well to any musician appearing with you, whether or not they belong to the union. (adopted 6.24.18)

The founding members of Local 1000 decided to make these scales as simple as possible, and to expand upon them as the Local grows. You decide which scale is appropriate to a given job (within reason). Most of our members perform under concert or small concert scales.

Scale dollar amounts are the same in U.S. or CAD, for example, solo concert scale is $250 US or $250 CAD.

Solo scales

  • Concert: $250.00
  • Small concert/club: $120.00
  • Opening act: $75.00
  • Festivals: $225.00 per day
  • K-12 school engagements: $220.00 performance (2 performances within 3 hours may be counted as one.)
  • Higher education engagements: $350.00 per performance

Special event scale

  • Leader: $400
  • Sideperson: $175

Note: If you perform under a union contract you will receive a pension contribution of between 8% to 15% of scale. (The Pension Fund has a small Rehabilitation percentage that is required at this time. Contact the Office for details.) The employer pays this amount in addition to your performance fee. Suppose you get $230 for your performance, plus a 10% pension contribution.

10% of $230 = $23
$230 + $23 = $253 (your total compensation)

Ensemble scales

For each additional musician, add half of the applicable solo scale amount; for example, concert scale is $345 for a duo, $460 for a trio, etc.

  • Leader: $230
  • Sideperson: $115
  • Small concert/club: $120 for a leader and $60 for a sideperson.

Equal-sharing ensembles The following scales be promulgated for ensembles that function on an equal sharing basis (i.e. where all ensemble members receive equal payment for gigs rather than the “leader/sideperson” model).

  • Opening act: $50 per ensemble member
  • Small venue: $75 per ensemble member
  • Standard scale: $150 per ensemble member
  • Special event scale: $275 per ensemble member



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