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Local 1000 AFM

Local 1000 September 2018 Newsletter


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This is our regular monthly email newsletter. It includes reminders, member news and important announcements from the Executive Board and the office.

News from the Executive Board


Fall Membership Meeting at NERFA

Our final Membership Meeting for the year will take place on Friday, November 9, 2018, 10am EST at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance conference in Stamford, CT.

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend!


Twain Room

Crowne Plaza Hotel

2701 Summer Street

Stamford, CT 06905

Click here for a map

There is a $15 discount available for Local 1000 members registering for NERFA. Please contact together@local1000.org for the discount code. You do not need to be registered for the conference to attend the Local 1000 membership meeting.


Upcoming New Member Orientation Meeting

Our next Cyber Union call will be October 16th and it will be a New Member Orientation Meeting. If you have joined Local 1000 in the past year please plan on joining us for this call. We will have two opportunities to attend: 4:00 PM EST and 8:30 PM EST. Stay tuned for details about the login information.


Dues Increase

At the membership meeting on June 24, members approved a motion to increase annual dues by $5 to US$177 per year, or $46.75 per quarter. This dues increase will take effect as of October 1, 2018 and will be reflected on invoices for the fourth quarter of 2018 and forward. As noted in previous newsletters, the increase will help us cover our basic operating costs.


Scales Increase

At the recent membership meeting, members approved a motion to increase Local 1000 wage scales. Information about the proposed increases has been in the last few newsletters, but in the meeting members also voted to increase the scale for K-12 engagements from $200 to $220 to match the AFM’s MPTF scale for those concerts. In addition, solo concert scale has gone up $20 to $250, solo small concert scale increased from $110 to $120. Ensemble scales for small concerts went from $110 to $120 for the leader, and $50 to $60 for a side person. All other scales remain the same. The entire revised schedule of scales is available on our website here. Local 1000 scales are the MINIMUM that members must use for contracted engagements, members are always free to negotiate higher fees.

Call to Action: Support the Music Modernization Act

Below is a call to action from Folk Alliance International to contact your senators and ask them to support the Music Modernization Act. The AFM statement on it can be read here.

Dear Folk Alliance International Members and Stakeholders:

FAI and the Recording Academy are teaming up to support the most important music legislation since the 8-track tape era.

The historic Music Modernization Act is waiting for a vote in the Senate. The comprehensive package that benefits all music creators has unanimously cleared the House of Representatives and the Senate Judiciary Committee, but the Senate needs to hear from more citizens to ensure a vote on the bill.

Many Senators have yet to hear from their constituents—local music creators—on the bill, and have thus not signed on as a co-sponsor. We need to change that. As an FAI member, you are encouraged to contact your Senators to support the bill!

Click this link to ask your Senators to co-sponsor the bill. If they are already a co-sponsor, a thank you letter will automatically be generated and sent to their office.

The Music Modernization Act brings outdated laws into the 21st century, ensuring fair pay and better protections for songwriters, artists, producers, and engineers. It is a consensus-driven bill that stands to benefit all of our members.

Let your Senators know that you want them to support the Music Modernization Act!


Aengus Finnan, Executive Director, Folk Alliance International


Daryl P. Friedman, Chief Industry, Member and Government Relations Officer, Recording Academy


Update to AFM-EPF Rehabilitation Plan

On June 22nd an important update from the AFM-EPF went out to our members:


Essentially this is an update to the rehabilitation plan originally put in place in 2011 for the Employer Pension Fund.

CBA contracts negotiated after August 1, 2018 will need to include a 10% increase to the employer pension contributions. For example if your contribution was previously $100 monthly, your new pension contribution under this updated rehabilitation plan would be $110 monthly. The Valid Pension Contribution Rates listed on the back of the LS-1 contact will also increase 10%, so if your rate was previously 10.9%, the corresponding rate will become 11.99%.

Regarding LS-1s, although these increases should technically begin on August 1, 2018, the Fund recognizes prices may already have been negotiated for upcoming work, so they have administratively given Single Engagements an extra 3 month phase in period and will be looking for the increase to be paid on work occurring November 1, 2018 and later. They expect to have updated LS-1 forms available soon.

Please be sure to read the announcement above from the EPF for the entire update. The office is in touch with the AFM-EPF regarding this issue, so please let us know if you have any questions about this.


Pension Contributions – Reminder to Avoid Late Fees!

Just a reminder: Pension contributions need to be received by Local 1000 no later than 1 month after the engagement. For example: if you do work in February we should receive your contracts and payments for pension contributions no later than the end of March, otherwise you risk being fined by the AFM-EPF $25 per engagement submitted.


Canadian Corner


P2 Updates

The CFM is now advising Canadian members applying for P2 visas to get their application in at least 45 days before the first engagement.

If you are applying, please make sure you download the latest application, which can be found here:

English: http://www.cfmusicians.org/services/work-permits
French: http://www.cfmusicians.org/services/permis-de-travail

Please contact Canadian VP Kev Corbett or the CFM for more information.


Member News


Do you have a new album coming out? Did you recently receive an award?

If you have exciting news to share with Local 1000 members, we want to know. Submit Your News Here!

Local 1000 Membership Update


New and Reinstated Members

We are excited to welcome the following new and recently reinstated members to Local 1000!

Judith Kate Friedman

Tyler Hughes

Alex Leggett

Michael Leon Guerrero

James McDonald

Jason Roe

Matthew Rubano

Ethan Smith

Will Staunton

Matt Warry-Smith

September Birthdays


Finally, we would like to wish the following members Happy Birthday! If your birthday falls in September and you don’t see it listed below, or if the date is incorrect, please send an email to our Birthday Bunny, Deborah Van Kleef with your birthdate, current phone number and email address.

09/01 Valdy Horsdal

09/02 Will McCutcheon

09/02 Linda Tillery

09/03 James Hill

09/03 Sue Jeffers

09/05 Andrea Beaton

09/05 Tafari Anthony Davis

09/05 Kaia Kater-Hurst

09/07 Teresa Chandler

09/10 David Heitler-Klevans

09/10 Suzanne Jaroszynski

09/11 William McLeod Garrett

09/11 Hank Woji

09/12 Adrian Passarelli

09/13 Joel Mabus

09/14 Elise Witt

09/15 Rosalyn Dennett

09/15 Elijah McKenty

09/15 William Meadows

09/17 Terry Irons

09/17 Joel Schwartz

09/18 Peter Alsop

09/19 Sally Rogers

09/19 Keith Grimwood

09/20 Andre Blais

09/21 Douglas Cox

09/22 Scott Ainslie

09/23 Harry Aceto

09/23 Ralph Agresta

09/23 Ani DiFranco

09/23 Tony Nguyen

09/23 Susan Robinson

09/24 William Kidman

09/24 Carol Young

09/25 Joshua Davis

09/25 Stacey Earle

09/26 Gerald Ross

09/28 Gabriel Kahn

09/28 Sue Massek

09/29 Dan Crary

09/30 Kevin Harvey

In Solidarity,

AFM Local 1000

Local 1000 AFM