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Local 1000 AFM

Local 1000 February 2020 Newsletter


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This is our regular monthly email newsletter. It includes reminders, member news and important announcements from the Executive Board and the office.


News from the Executive Board


New Deal Winter 2020

The Winter 2020 issue of Local 1000’s New Deal is now available and can be downloaded here!

In the past we have mailed hard copies to our entire membership, however moving forward we will be distributing it primarily digitally. If you would like to request a hard copy, please let us know


Membership Meeting Report

Our last membership meeting was held on January 23rd at the Folk Alliance conference in New Orleans. This was the first meeting where long-distance members could fully participate via Zoom, which allows electronic participants to see, hear, and talk during the meeting. As a non-geographic local, we are always looking for ways to be more connected to each other.

Upcoming organizing campaigns include the Fair Trade Music project, aiming to provide good working conditions for all touring musicians; and a Work Dues Equivalency campaign to bring long-term financial solvency to our organization. All of these projects, and more, are possible because we have joined hands, and resources, to build a better, stronger community for all working musicians.

If you missed our Membership meeting (in person or via Zoom video link) the minutes are available here. Thanks to all who attended!

In solidarity,

Erin Mae (Midwest Rep)


Folk Alliance International Conference 2020 Report

Local 1000 had a strong presence at this years Folk Alliance International conference in New Orleans in January.

We were well represented at this conference with many of our members being recognized at plenary sessions, playing showcase stages and performing in guerrilla showcases. Oh, so much great music!

Richard Coombs and the Executive Board, along with John O’Connor, hosted a table in the Exhibit hall. We had lots of great conversations with a variety of people from venues to musicians to industry folks all sharing the power and strength of our common goals. We were able to share our Statement of Support for Working Musicians and the Fair Trade Music (FTM) committee survey. More than 200 folks signed the Statement of Support. If you would like to download a copy to share at your concert you can do that here. Have your fans sign it and once you get a full sheet scan and send to the office or just mail the sheet. The FTM committee will be compiling these signatures for a show of support for working musicians.

As in years past, the board hosted a member gathering on Wednesday night as well as three nights of in our Showcase Free Zone room. We had a fantastic set of Local 1000 members leading our evening song circles including, John O’Connor, Freebo, Erin Mae Lewis, Aaron Fowler, Erika Kulnys and Vi Wickam. A BIG thank you for sharing our very tight room!


Vi Wickam resigns as Local 1000 Secretary

It is with great sadness that the Executive Board received Vi Wickam’s resignation as our Treasurer. He has been a vital part of moving our organization to be more sustainable. His insight and persistence have put us on a good path. Vi served on the Finance committee and the Communications committee. He will continue to serve on both of these committees as the Board transitions to a new Secretary/Treasurer and until the Communications Committee gets a new website up and running. Thanks Vi for all you have done for Local 1000.


Beth Cahill Appointed as Local 1000 Secretary Treasurer

Beth is a singer, instrumentalist and writer.  She weaves her love of people, travel, food and irony into stories with melodies. For the audience, every performance is an intimate journey – from the desert of west Texas, to an Andean mountain village, to a gas station in northern Ontario.

She calls Wakefield, Quebec home but tours extensively as a solo performer, with the way cool folk trio The Malvinas (Gina Forsyth and Lisa Markley), and with bass virtuoso Susan Cahill (who also happens to be her sister). Beth has been a finalist at the Kerrville New Folk Contest and the B.W. Stevenson Singer-songwriter competition as well as a CBC Canada Writes semi-finalist. She also took part in RealWomenRealSongs, an online collective of women musicians writing a song a week for one year. Along the road, Beth has been invited to appear, among other places at: The Kerrville Folk Festival, Festival Memoire et Racines, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Festival International, WFMT’s Folkstage and Bass2012 Copenhagen.

In addition to her music career, Beth is also an extreme geek with a passion for both libraries and numbers. She is a volunteer with Biblio Wakefield Library and a Library of Parliament Analyst.  She never tires of explaining central tendency, compounding interest and the law of large numbers to anyone who will listen. Accused by her sister of still having her first communion money, Beth is currently leveraging these counting, saving, record keeping and organizing skills in her role as secretary treasurer of the AFM Local 1000.


What Does the Application for Benefit Reductions by the AFM Pension Mean?

In January participants in the AFM-EPF, the musicians’ union pension fund, received a letter about a petition to the US Treasury Department under the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act to reduce benefits. The pension trustees decided to do this because the pension is in critical and declining status and if cuts were not made the pension would run out of money within the next 15-20 years.

Communications from the AFM-EPF on this topic can be long and complicated. Member John O’Connor has prepared a summary to explain what’s happening. Click here to read the article.


WE MOVED! New Address Effective December 1, 2019

Local 1000 has moved out of our old office on 48th Street in New York City, and into brand new space inside AFM headquarters around the corner on Broadway. Effective December 1, our new address is: 

AFM Local 1000

1501 Broadway, 9th floor 

New York, NY 10036 USA


Our phone and email remain the same:

(212) 843-8726



Alert: Membership Dues Increase Jan 1!

At our Nov 8 membership meeting, members approved by-law changes that will increase our membership dues over the next three years, and also will increase the surcharge on quarterly dues.

The increases will be different for US and Canadian residents, in order to recognize the effect of the exchange rate for our Canadian members.

Effective January 1 2020, the new dues will be:

US members:
$188 annually
$47 per quarter plus $5 surcharge = $52 per quarter
Canadian members:
US$180 annually
$45 per quarter plus $5 surcharge = $50 per quarter

(If you are currently paying quarterly, you can switch to Annual payment to save.)


Emergency Relief Fund

Please help your brothers and sisters in need by contributing to our Emergency Relief Fund: https://www.local1000.org/product/emergency-relief-fund


Canadian Corner


All Cheques for Canadian Pension Contributions Must be Made Out to Musicians’ Pension Fund of Canada

The Musicians’ Pension Fund has advised that, starting November 1st, 2019, they are changing the Custodian for their investment accounts. This change is being implemented to reduce custody fees and improve accuracy of reporting.


The new custodian will not accept cheques made out to AFM, AFM-EPW Fund or any variation of their old name, as they will have no record of that being the name of the Fund.

Click here for more information.  


P2 Processing Times

The CFM is currently advising Canadian members applying for P2 visas to get their application in at least 60 days before the first engagement.

If you are applying, please make sure you download the latest application, which can be found here:

English: http://www.cfmusicians.org/services/work-permits French: http://www.cfmusicians.org/services/permis-de-travail

Please contact Canadian VP Kev Corbett or the CFM for more information.


Take Action!


Butch Lewis Act – Protect Your Pension!

U.S. Senators Chuck Grassley and Lamar Alexander have put forth a proposal that would amend the Butch Lewis Act and make the situation much worse. The Grassley-Alexander proposal would cut retirees’ benefits and threatens the future of the entire multi-employer pension system. 

Call your senators at 844-551-6921 and urge them to reject the Grassley-Alexander proposal, which would harm the Butch Lewis Act.

Musicians and other working people did not cause this crisis and we should not be penalized because of it. The Grassley-Alexander proposal not only includes big cuts to retirees’ benefits, it also would impose hefty costs that would destabilize multi-employer pension plans like the AFM-EPF.

Tell them to support legislation that will provide retirees with their hard-earned benefits and stabilize the multi-employer pension system overall. Anything less is unacceptable.


Member News

Do you have a new album coming out? Did you recently receive an award?

If you have exciting news to share with Local 1000 members, we want to know. Submit Your News Here!


Local 1000 Membership Update


New and Reinstated Members

We are excited to welcome the following new and recently reinstated members to Local 1000!

John Adler

Joshua Beatty

Emma Frampton

Andy Irwin

Craig Roberts

Matthew Watroba


February Birthdays

Finally, we would like to wish the following members Happy Birthday! If your birthday falls in February and you don’t see it listed below, or if the date is incorrect, please send an email to our Birthday Bunny, Deborah Van Kleef with your birthdate, current phone number and email address.

02/01 Joe Jencks

02/02 Aiden Villa

02/04 Wayne Greene

02/04 Edith Wallace

02/05 Carroll Sanders

02/06 Steve Eulberg

02/06 Faith Nolan

02/09 Joan Smith

02/11 Ben Deschamps

02/12 Chris Coole

02/12 Michael Miles

02/13 Lisa Hodgson

02/13 Stephen Suffet

02/15 Carolann Solebello

02/15 Baldemar Velasquez

02/15 Cris Williamson

02/16 Catherine Wilson

02/17 David Borough

02/17 Adrian Gross

02/18 Sonia Rutstein

02/19 James McEleney

02/19 Paul Taylor

02/21 Greg Artzner

02/22 SJ Tucker

02/23 John Fohl

02/23 Arthur McGregor

02/25 Marcy Marxer

02/25 Jennifer Heitler-Klevans

02/27 Robert Couture

02/28 Ysaye Barnwell

02/28 Mark Westberg

02/29 Francis McKenty

In Solidarity,

AFM Local 1000

Local 1000 AFM