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Local 1000 AFM

Local 1000 September 2021 Newsletter


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This is our regular monthly email newsletter. It includes reminders, member news and important announcements from the Executive Board and the office.


News from the Executive Board


President’s Message

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

It was great to see many of you at our Membership meeting a few weeks ago! 

I want to draw your attention to several of the articles in this months newsletter. Please make sure you check out the article about the Membership meeting and new bylaw changes. 

The Fair Trade Music Committee is inviting all members to a Zoom meeting to discuss the Fair Trade Music Program and what issues are important to members in their workplaces.

Great progress is being made on the new website. You will be asked to populate your artist page soon. Be watching for our big announcement when it goes live.

Keep the music flowing because Together We Are Mighty!



August Membership Meeting Report 

If you missed the membership meeting you can watch the video here

Minutes from the Membership Meeting are available here.
We received regular reports from the President, Secretary Treasurer, Canadian VP and several committees. 

We also spent time adopting several new bylaw changes, see the report below. 

The highlight for many was the time spent in breakout rooms discussing specific concerns to our membership. The topics included: Questions/concerns/experiences for Canadian members, lead by Arthur McGregor; Questions about our Pension lead by Charlie King; Musicians working online-Using Technology in your business, lead by Erin Mae Lewis; Financial Sustainability of our Local lead by Beth Cahill; a conversation about General Wellness, hosted by Matt Watroba; and a lively conversation about Leading Community Singing in a time of COVID by Aileen Vance. A special thanks to the eBoard members for hosting these breakout sessions.  

Bylaw Changes Adopted

At the membership meeting we adopted several bylaw changes brought forward by one of our members. The three changes approved are all in the Nominations section (article XIII) of the by-laws. You can view the updated by-laws here.  You must log into the membership section of the website to access this page.

The first change adds a requirement for candidates for the board to have been a member of Local 1000 for at least one year, or to have been a member of another local of the AFM for 5 years before running for office: Article XIII, Section 2: “Only Active Members in good standing shall be eligible to be nominated for and hold office in the Union. To be eligible to run for office a member must have been a member in good standing for at least one year immediately preceding the election period OR have been a member for at least five (5) consecutive years in the American Federation of Musicians (AFM), preceding the election period.”

The second bylaw change adds a deadline of September 15 for candidates to nominate themselves or another member:   Article XIII, Section 3 (b) (ii):  “Any eligible Active Member in good standing may declare his or her candidacy for office by advising the Secretary-Treasurer of such in writing no later than September 15 of election year.”

Article XIII, Section 3 (b) (iii): “Any Active Member in good standing may place in nomination any other eligible member in good standing for office by advising the Secretary-Treasurer of such in writing no later than September 15 of election year.”

The final change allows Local 1000 to conduct electronic ballots for contested elections. The new language states: Article XIII, Section 4(b): “Not withstanding the above, elections of officers may be conducted by electronic ballot by a reputable vendor experienced in conducting union elections.”


Next Membership Meeting

Saturday, November 13th
Time: 2:00 PM EST; 1:00 PM CST; 12:00 PM Mountain; 11:00 AM Pacific

The meeting will take place on Zoom; meeting link and other details will be provided in advance. Please plan to attend!


Call for Nominations

Nominations are open for the following Local 1000 Executive Board positions: East Coast Rep, Vice President from the U.S.

The nominating committee is charged to ensure that there is at least one nominee for each open position. As per recently updated by-laws, nominations are open until September 15th.

If you are interested in running or would like to nominate a candidate, please contact Aaron Fowler at pr[email protected] 


Nominations Committee Seeking a Chair

We are looking for one member to serve as the chair of the nominating committee. The nominating committee is mandated to seek out candidates for the Local 1000 Executive Board elections each year. Please contact Aaron Fowler you are interested in serving.


Fair Trade Music Committee

After a hiatus during the pandemic helping out the Solidarity Team, FTM is back in business mounting a big push in Canada and an outreach to Local 1000 members.  Our Local’s program is unique in that we are the sole FTM program in the AFM that guarantees wages and benefits.

We’ve grown because people just like you, ordinary members, learned about FTM and spread the word.  Each of us are organizers.  Want to get involved?  Check us out at: https://www.local1000.org/fair-trade-music/  And then send an email to:  [email protected].

We would like to invite all members to our FTM Zoom meeting at 8PM EDT on Wednesday, September 8th.  We hope to use it as a listening session, finding out what membership wants in their workplaces and work lives.  We will use this information to customize FTM and make it more beneficial to all musicians, union and not.



Work Dues Equivalency/Solidarity Pledge

Are you signed up for monthly Estimated Work Dues or Solidarity Pledge payments? Learn more here.


ERF update

Our union doesn’t have a barrel of money, but we support each other!  Local 1000 Emergency Relief Fund grants of up to $1000 are still available while funds last. Members in good standing can apply using this link: https://www.local1000.org/erf-covid-19-grants-available/

Contact Richard at the office if you have questions about the grant process.


Member News

Tell us your news! Have you released an album, won an award, been involved in an interesting initiative that you’d like to let people know about?

If you have exciting news to share with Local 1000 members, we want to know. Submit Your News Here!

We’ll include your news in an upcoming Local 1000 e-newsletter, and we’ll post it on our public Local 1000 page at https://www.facebook.com/local1000afm


Folk Alliance Village Fund

Folk Alliance’s Village Fund is still accepting applications for Covid-19 grant assistance.

The Village Fund is designed to provide support for musicians and independent music industry professionals in need. More info at: https://folk.org/resources/the-village-fund/


September Birthdays

Finally, we would like to wish the following members Happy Birthday! If your birthday falls in September and you don’t see it listed below, or if the date is incorrect, please send an email to our Birthday Bunny, Deborah Van Kleef with your birthdate, current phone number and email address.

Harry Aceto

Ralph Agresta

Scott Ainslie

Peter Alsop

Andrea Beaton

Adam Bowman

Robson Cerqueira

Teresa Chandler

Rob Clutton

Rosalyn Dennett

William McLeod Garrett

Keith Grimwood

Kevin Harvey

David Heitler-Klevans

James Hill

Valdy Horsdal

Terry Irons

Suzanne Jaroszynski

Gabriel Kahn

Kaia Kater-Hurst

Mark Lukens

Sue Massek

Jason Mercer

Alexandre Millaire

Kaitlin Milroy

Adrian Passarelli

Sally Rogers

Joel Schwartz

Linda Tillery

Elise Witt

Hank Woji

Carol Young

In Solidarity, 

AFM Local 1000

Local 1000 AFM