Valdy, aka Paul-Valdemar Horsdal

About the Artist:

Valdy is a troubadour, a travelling folksinger, still digging it immenely after more than fifty years on the road; he says he is still learning and curious. More data is available from his website:

Valdy has played for 60,000 (Rick Hansen's Homecoming) and for 60 (house concerts); the skill he has developed as a guitarist is becoming legendary, and his voice seems to be getting better with the years, something that working 200 gigs a year can do.

Valdy has a long history of festival performances, has taught songwriting at many camps, and encourages participation of audiences in a gentle yet effective manner.

He's the real deal: an advocate, an artist and a motivator for positive change., and he's an experienced entertainer. Please contact his agent, Charlie Jacklin at Lunar Productions (, or contact Valdy through Local 1000 and local 247, as he maintains membership in both.

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  • Kemptville, ON, 2023

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