Tania Elizabeth

About the Artist:

Award winning fiddle player Tania Elizabeth has toured internationally and full-time since the age of 15, when she quit school, started her own record company, released two albums under her own name and set out across Canada, Australia and China.

After co-founding “The Duhks” at age 18, Tania toured with them for 8 years, signing to Sugarhill Records and garnering four Juno nominations (one win), two Grammy nominations (one win), a Western Canadian Music Award, and more. When the band went on hiatus, Tania toured for two and a half years with critically acclaimed songwriter Mary Gauthier. During that time, Tania recorded on many albums, including The Avett Brothers’ “Magpie and the Dandelion”.

Longtime friends and colleagues, The Avett Brothers invited Tania to join their band in early 2014, and she has been a touring member ever since. In their bio, they write of Tania: “Her life experiences, including her education, friendships, and adventures, would largely be directed and driven by and through her love and commitment to music. Her playing would mirror, as it often does in great players, her personality – intuitive, harmonious, powerful, friendly, playful.”

In November 2014, The Avett Brothers spent two weeks with Rick Rubin at his Malibu recording studio, recording “True Sadness”, their new Grammy-nominated album, released in June 2016. Tania and her “string brother”, Joe Kwon, created their parts in real-time, adjusting to the changes in arrangement suggested by Rick and occasionally overdubbing on some tracks to create full string sections.

In her spare time, Tania enjoys reading, gardening, yoga and painting.