Susan Lewis

About the Artist:

As a member of the women's trio Belles of Hoboken in the early 80s (with Janet Stecher and Marcie Boyd), Susan performed throughout the New York City area and recorded numerous songs for the "Fast Folk" musician's cooperative monthly musical "magazine." When she moved to Seattle, Susan was a founding member of the quartet Shays' Rebellion, along with fellow Local 1000 member John O’Connor (as well as Tim Hall and Janet Stecher). Their 'songs of social movements past and present' were shared with audiences across the United States and Canada.  Their album "Daniel Shays' Highway" was released on Flying Fish Records (FF427) in 1987. 

Susan and Janet teamed up to form the duo Rebel Voices in 1989. They have released 3 albums together: “A Little Look Around”, “Warning: Women at Work”, and “A Piece of the Wall”. They have appeared in concert at coffeehouses, K-12 schoolrooms, colleges, festivals, living rooms, conventions, rallies, picket lines, and union halls across the U.S. and Canada, as well as in England and Portugal. The thousands of hours they've spent working together and the love of the material they sing are evident in their confident and inspiring performances. Their performances for organizations and events representing a broad spectrum of political and social causes have gained them enthusiastic fans wherever they go.

Most recently, Susan has begun to delve into musical theatre, as a cast member in the Vashon Repertory Theatre 2021 production of Woody Guthrie's American Song.  


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  • Rebel Voices circa 1989
  • Susan Lewis
  • Belles of Hoboken at People’s Voice Cafe
  • At Pacific Northwest Labor History Association Conference

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