Rick Goldin

About the Artist:

Hello. When I was a kid being a songwriter seemed like a cool thing to do. Now, 500 songs later the world has really changed, but there's a lot about the music that's still the same.

Trying to write songs that have heart is a worthwhile destination. It's hard to know when you're there, or if you've ever been there, but I'm still trying.

My latest recording for adults is called "Crazy In The Heart", released in 2019.

I also write and perform music for children, and my most "recent" children's album, "I Like To Read" (1997) features my most popular song "The Sit Down, Stand Up, Sit Down, Stand Up, Sit Down, Stand Up, Sit Down Song".

When a new LP record cost $2.49 I had twenty, then thirty, then fifty albums, and I listened to them from start to finish with headphones, late into the night. I read the lyrics on the album covers, I fell in love with the musicians, and I went wherever the songs would take me, again and again, and even now the music still takes me there. I'm still listening.


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