Mara Levine

About the Artist:

I am a professional international touring folksinger and recording artist best known for beautiful interpretations of folk songs from trad to contemporary. My second album Jewels and Harmony was the #1 album, Artist and Song on the Folk DJ chart for 2013 and #3 for 2013. My most recent album Facets of Folk, was the #1 Album, #1 artist, and #1 song for January 2019, #5 album for February 2019. # 8 album for March 2019 and also hit #5 on the NACC chart the week of Feb 12, 2019. I'm a member of a number of professional music organizations including the Philadelphia Folksong Society musicians Co-op, I've volunteered for a number of music and arts organizations, provided administrative support for and mentored other artists, run showcases rooms at conferences and spent 15 months beginning October 2017 working as a volunteer on an ad-hoc team to first save, then refine, correct and verify the Folk DJ chart prior to Folk Alliance assuming responsibility in February 2019. I am also a professional jewelry designer.