Jennifer Camp

About the Artist:

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My first band was a trio (Whirligig) with Linda Gonzalez and Ben Robinson from Athens, Georgia in the nineties.
In 1994-1999 I performed with The Dilettantes (folk, jazz, old country, rock, Texas swing) in Baltimore, Maryland.
I was also a member of Dame's Rocket, a Baltimore based rock and roll band (retro rock, retro country, Texas swing, surf) from 1996-2006.
In 1999 I joined the folk trio, Hot Soup (with Sue Trainor, Christina Muir) and performed with them until 2003.
I joined the Baltimore City Pipe Band in 2006-2014, playing the highland bagpipes in parades, parties, weddings, funerals and other events.
It's been a fun, interesting and wild ride. 😉