Eric Erickson

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Having grown up listening to Peter, Paul & Mary, The Beatles, Rogers & Hammerstein, James Taylor and their cohorts, Eric Erickson learned from masters about what makes a good song and a good performance. His approach was further enhanced by over 30 years of singing tenor in the a capella vocal ensemble, Woodstock Renaissance, who specialized in the music of The Renaissance and The Middle Ages. Elements of all of these have found their way into Eric’s original tunes, which can be found on his two full-length albums and a forthcoming EP which Eric is confident will be released “sometime during the current millennium.” 


Eric was also the host of the long-running folk music program, “Jus’ Folks” on WDST in Woodstock NY, where he programmed the music of current and legacy folk music performers and hosted in-studio performances and interviews with some of the most iconic folk musicians, including Odesa, Richie Havens and Happy and Artie Traum.

Eric has shared the stage with, among others, Peter Yarrow, Pete Seeger, Cheryl Wheeler, Susan Werner, Noel Stookey, Tom Chapin and Livingston Taylor. He continues to roam the northeast with his acoustic guitar. The Huffington Post says, “Erickson plays a neat guitar (and) sings evocative… self-composed new tunes.

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