Chuck Mitchell

About the Artist:

Chuck is a hubert humphrey democrat sensitive new age guy. He started singing in Detroit folk clubs and saloons back in the 1960’s. In Toronto, on his first out of town gig, he met a bony blonde Canadian songwriter named Joni Anderson. They married, and as a duo Chuck and Joni Mitchell played the coffeehouse circuit and gin rummy until she was 48,760 points and 50 home made songs ahead, and then they divorced.

In 2018, Chuck's fellow FARM (Folk Alliance Regional Midwest) folk gave him the Lantern Bearer Award for "significant contribution to folk music in the Midwest".  He couldn't have been more grateful, telling his fellow farmers that after fifty-some years glowing next to a floodlight, it was really nice to be recognized.

In his one man show, Mitchell plays 6 and 12 string guitar and sings cabaret songs, animal songs, story songs, and Mitchell songs. He weaves poetry by Sandburg-Frost-Brecht-Hopkins and others into his shows. He has appeared on the Merv Griffin show (once) and A Prairie Home Companion' (thrice).

His acting credits include 'The World of Carl Sandburg' (in the USA and the UK), Harold Hill in 'The Music Man', Woody in 'Woody Guthrie’s American Song', and Stephen Foster in 'Mr. Foster & Mr. Twain'.  Ask Siri and Alexa and the other streamers to play Chuck's music. On YouTube, enter "Chuck Mitchell Sings". 

Hey, you say, is Chuck a Renaissance Man? Well, he’s old enough.


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