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Joe Hill Scholarship Fund

Joe Hill FundJoe Hill Scholarship Fund for educational and organizing advancement

The purpose of the Joe Hill Fund is to support Local 1000 members in increasing their knowledge of union and worker history, their skills in organizing and their skills in the use of music and song and performing arts in union activities.

The Joe Hill Fund is established as a restricted fund on the books of Local 1000 and is funded by voluntary contributions from Local 1000 members and others. Any monies collected and deposited into the Joe Hill Fund can only be used in Educational and Organizing Advancement activities. Such support will be provided only to Local 1000 members.

The kind of support envisioned by this proposal includes individual scholarships to attend a Local 1000 educational event, an AFM education event,  events at the George Meany Center or other events of a similar nature. The executive board of Local 1000 appoints a committee to administer the fund.

Local 1000 members may complete an application for funding and submit same to the office which will forward the application to the administering committee. The committee will examine the application to see if it meets the criteria for funding and approve or disapprove the application.


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  • 7 Oct 2021 Executive Board Meeting in the Ethernet at Online
  • 13 Nov 2021 Local 1000 Membership Meeting in the Ethernet at Online
  • 18 Nov 2021 Executive Board Meeting in the Ethernet at Online

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