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Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF)

color eps 222.qxdThe Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF) helps us reach the audiences that need us the most but can afford us the least, and at the same time receive union scale wages for our work. MPTF, administered through the AFM, provides matching funds for gigs that are sponsored by schools, nursing homes, libraries, etc., and are free and open to the public. (They do not cover performances sponsored by religious organizations.)

Matching funds for public service gigs: The Music Performance Trust Fund

MPTF provides matching funds for gigs that are free and open to the public. A non-profit co-sponsor pays part of your fee and MPTF provides the rest. MPTF allocates approximately $4,000 to Local 1000 for our members to use each year. To ensure that these funds are distributed fairly we allow each member to perform up to three MPTF gigs per year. This number can be increased depending on projected availability. The MPTF pays the co-sponsor, the co-sponsor combines this with their part and pays you.

Generally, for a solo act or leader, the wages for a typical gig co-sponsored by the MPTF are $230 with a pension contribution of $25.07 (10.9% of the wage). Side musicians typically receive wages of $115 with a pension contribution of $12.54 (10.9% of the wage). (Note: MPTF requires acts with two or more musicians list one person as leader and the rest as side musicians.)

The MPTF will consider requests for funding using following percentages:

  • 50% of total cost for school performances
  • 40% of total cost for hospital, veteran and nursing performances
  • 30% of total cost for general concerts (including libraries that are not school libraries)

To qualify for MPTF funds a gig must:

  • Be a musical performance that is free and open to the public
  • Be an all-ages event
  • Have a co-sponsor that is a non-profit organization prepared to pay the wage plus the pension contribution. (For example the co-sponsor of  a solo act at a school would pay $127.54 and MPTF would contribute $127.54.)
  • It must not be for a religious organization

MPTF gigs require a signed W-9 and “Terms and Conditions” from from the co-sponsor, but the actual application is entered by Local 1000 office managers into the MPTF website.

Step-by-step guide to an MPTF gig:

  1. The first step is to complete an application for MPTF funding. Local 1000 enters the data on this application to the MPTF website. You should submit the application to the Local 1000 office at least 35 days before the gig. You can send it by email or post. To complete the application you will need to know the following:
    • Name, address and phone number of co-sponsor
    • Date of performance
    • Starting time and ending time of performance
    • Location of performance (complete address including zip code)
    • Program goal
    • Names of all musicians, with one identified as leader. For each musician, indicate whether they belong to the AFM, and if so, the number of their local.
    • co-sponsor must supply a completed W-9 for you to attach to your application by mail or email .
    • co-sponsor must sign the MPTF form “terms and conditions” and submit it to us by mail or email.
  2. Using the information from your application, we fill out a recommendation to MPTF. We enter the data on the MPTF website at least 35 days before the gig.
  3. MPTF approves the gig (assuming it meets their criteria and funds remain in Local 1000’s allocation).
  4. Take smartphone pictures (if possible) of the performance as proof that it has occurred.
  5. Immediately after the performance:–> Notify the Local 1000 office that the performance has taken place.
  6. Within about 2 to 4 weeks, MPTF mails a check to the co-sponsor.

Questions? Contact the Local 1000 office or Membership Services Committee.



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