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ERF Covid-19 Grants Available!

(updated Feb 23, 2021)

Sisters and Brothers of Local 1000,

Thanks to the generosity of our members and our large community of fans and friends, Local 1000’s Emergency Relief Fund received an incredible amount of donations during the pandemic.

We have traditionally been offering no-interest loans to members from the ERF, but after discussion within the Finance Committee and the Executive Board, we are really pleased to announce that the ERF can now offer what we are calling ‘COVID-19 grants” of up to $1000 to members in good standing, while funds last—yes, that is money you do not have to pay back!

We want to be sure that members who need some extra financial help can take advantage of our very healthy ERF while many of us are still struggling to find paying work, make ends meet and are looking ahead to 2021.

The new grant application is available here.

If you have any questions about applying for a grant, please contact Richard at the office or any of the members of the ERF Committee, who are:  Aileen Vance, Erin Mae Lewis and Aaron Fowler.

In Solidarity,

AFM Local 1000



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