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Emergency Relief Fund

lifebuoyClick here for information about accessing funds from the ERF during the Covid-19 crisis.

One of the ways that Local 1000 can work for its members when times get tough is through our Emergency Relief Fund (ERF). This is funding that has been set aside to provide up to $500 in a no-interest, pay-it-back-when-you-can loan to members who demonstrate financial need.

To be eligible for an ERF loan:

  • You must be a member in good standing, meaning that your dues must be paid in full at time of application
  • You must demonstrate a financial hardship. This can be extraordinary medical bills or circumstances that have caused you to fall behind in rent, etc. You may be asked to show some documentation. The Executive Board, as the administrators of the fund, is the final arbitor of what constitutes a hardship and who will be given a loan

The ERF is funded by you, our members and occasional fundraising efforts. When you receive an invoice from Local 1000 for dues, there is a box that gives information about how you can contribute to the ERF. Adding a couple of dollars to your work dues payments helps. Your Officers and Board are working on other ways to raise funds for the ERF. If you have any ideas or further questions, please contact any of the Board or Officers.

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