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Cyber Union Hall Archives

Listen to audio archives from our Cyber Union Hall meetings here!


June 2017 – Doing the Album Union, with John McCutcheon

What does it mean to “do the album union?” How complicated, expensive, time-consuming is it? John McCutcheon has been doing his albums “on the book” for over twenty-five years. He’s reaped the benefits of New Use (his recordings being used in other media), Special Payments Funds, and, of course, the AFM Pension. Plus, he’s assured these benefits for the musicians who help bring his music to the public.


May 2017 – Following the Music, with Freebo

Local 1000 member Freebo has been gracing the world with his music and his life for decades. He has many experiences and gifts to share but the one he holds closest is his understanding of following the music & the passion rather than the fame & the fortune. Freebo says this is the thing that is closest to his heart.


April 2017 – Music and Social Change 

Powerful social movements have always included music. Our members have made significant impacts with the music of the people. This conversation focused on how we have used music in social change situations.



March 2017 – Songwriting Conversation

The craft of songwriting is practiced by many but mastered by few. Songwriters Tret Fure and Judith-Kate Friedman share their experiences.



November 2016 – All Things Canadian

Vice President (Canada) Eve Goldberg and Vice President (US) Aaron Fowler facilitated a call to share updated information regarding P2 Visas and to hear your suggestions on how we can all work together to create a better working conditions for our Canadian members.

We must build bonds of solidarity in order to make our Union strong and able to be a player in these important matters.


October 2016 – Musical Performance Trust Fund

The AFM Musical Performance Trust Fund (MPTF) administered through the AFM, provides matching funds for gigs that are sponsored by schools, nursing homes, libraries, etc., and are free and open to the public. A non-profit co-sponsor pays part of your fee and MPTF provides the rest. MPTF allocates approximately $4,000 to Local 1000 for our members to use each year. Join us to see how you can benefit from these dollars.


September 2016 – AFM Collective Bargaining Agreements

Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA’s) are the back bone of any Union. They form a agreement between Employer and Employee. As traveling musicians sometimes we are both! Local 1000 has several of our members who have CBA’s as a tool to pay dues and make monthly pension payments. On our September call we had several of our members talking about their experience using CBA’s. Whether you have a CBA and want more information or simply would like more information about them, join John McCutcheon, Dave Rowe, Debra VanKleef and Colin Dean as they share their insights.


August 2016 – LS1s and Single Engagement Contracts

The LS-1 is the AFM single engagement contract for gigs in the United States. As touring musicians these gigs are often the bread and butter of our work. This session introduced the LS-1, how to fill it out and how to submit it to the office.  Several of our members shared their experience with the LS-1.


July 2016 – Songwriting Practices

Our July meeting showcased three talented songwriters from our membership, Daniel Boling (Kerrville, 2014 New Folk winner), Donna Muhollen (Still on the Hill) & Gary Paul Hermus (2016 New Mexico New Music Award). Each shared their journey with songwriting and some of their songwriting practices.


June 2016 – Arts in the Classroom

Our June meeting focused on Arts in Education. Many of our members do work in schools or afterschool programs. The power of Arts Integration is strong. If you have ever presented in a classroom or in front of a school assembly you know the excitement that is generated when we are able to share an authentic arts experience and connect it with the standards the students are learning in the classroom.

Aaron Fowler shared his experience as a Young Audience performer and a Wolf Trap Institute teaching artist.


May 2016 – Crowdfunding

Local 1000 member Erin Mae Lewis shared her experience using Patreon. Patreon is a popular crowd-funding source that several of our member are using to share their music with the world.

A handout included with this conversation is available here


March 2016 – Staying Healthy on the Road

Our panelists included Tret Fure and Mary WareTret, our Local 1000 President, has toured for more than 40 years and has made it a practice to try and stay healthy on the road. Mary is a massage therapist who works with musicians on developing strategies for healthy musical success.


January 2016 – Touring: Dos and Don’ts, Ins and Outs

This discussion was moderated by our new Vice President Aaron Fowler and Midwestern Representative Amber Rogers. It was a great opportunity for members to share what they know and learn from each other.


October 2015 – Crossing the Border, Canada to US

Local 1000 Canadian VP Eve Goldberg was the keynote along with several invited guests including CFM Executive Director Liana White.


September 2015 – Crossing the Border, US to Canada

Our moderator was Local 1000 Vice President, Debra Cowan.




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