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committeesStanding committees

Diversity Committee

Works to raise awareness within Local 1000 regarding issues of race, age, class, gender and sexual orientation; to broaden the membership of Local 1000 to include more such diversity; and to ensure Local 1000 participation in public events that reflect such diversity.

Contact: Tret Fure, 608-240-9590

Solidarity Committee

Works for a sense of community and connection within Local 1000; encourages member involvement in the struggles of other unions locally, nationally, and internationally; and organizes events and concerts for solidarity related causes.

Contact: Stephen Lee Rich, 608-204-7188, Dave Hawkins, 513-541-7766

Member Services Committee

Helps all members understand and take advantage of benefits and privileges that are available to them through Local 1000; answers questions; welcomes new members; and encourages member participation in Local 1000 activities and committees.

Contact: Aaron Fowler, 316-207-4715

Communications Committee

Oversees all Local 1000 public communications, including brochures; website and internet presence; and our newsletter, New Deal.

Contact (including website, mailing list): USA: Aaron Fowler, 316-207-4715; Canada: Eve Goldberg, 416-807-1299
New Deal member newsletter: Scott Berwick, 518-734-3224

Finance Committee

Oversees financial operations of Local 1000 and presents financial reports to the Executive Board and membership.

Contact: Scott Berwick, 518-734-3224

Bylaws Committee

Oversees and proposes changes to Local 1000 bylaws as required by changes in AFM policies or by internal changes to Local 1000 policy.

Office Oversight Committee

Oversees office operations.

Contact: Aaron Fowler, 316-207-4715

committees_antsAd hoc committees

Scales Committee

Reviews rates for minimum scales and revises when deemed necessary.

Nominating Committee

Recruits members to run for open Executive Board positions.


  • 28 Jan 2021 Executive Board Meeting in the Ethernet at Online
  • 11 Mar 2021 Executive Board Meeting in the Ethernet at Online
  • 22 Apr 2021 Executive Board Meeting in the Ethernet at Online

New Deal

  • New Deal Winter 2020

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