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Instrument insurance

instrumentsYou can’t beat the AFM! Cover your instruments, PA, computer and more at replacement value – at home, at the gig, on the road – for as little as $85 a year.

Traveling with an instrument is a risky undertaking. Theft, loss and damage can happen all too easily. That’s why so many Local 1000 members safeguard their instruments and equipment through the American Federation of Musicians (AFM)/Mercer Consumer instrument insurance plan.

This plan offers the best coverage available. It is not only affordable – there is no comparable plan with lower rates.  It is the only policy that understands how musicians work.

This policy covers all your equipment (instruments, PA, recording equipment, computers) all the time — at home, in the studio, on the road, during transit (even if you were forced to sign those airline waivers). It offers replacement costs, not depreciated costs.

Here is a guide to instrument insurance rates:

  • $10 administration fee
  • $2.20 per $100 for the first $1500 worth of items covered
  • $1 per $100 for all items after the first $1500
  • Minimum premium is $75 per year plus the administration fee

Here is an example: Suppose you want to insure $20,000 worth of equipment (including instruments, PA, stereo, fax machine, computer, etc.). You would pay:

  • $10 administration fee
  • $33 for the first $1500 in equipment
  • $185 for the remaining $18,500
  • Total: $228 per year

For an application for USA members call Mercer Consumer at 1-800-503-9230.

For an application for CANADIAN members contact HUB International at 1-800-563-9441.

Questions? Contact the Local 1000 office or Membership Services Committee.



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