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Now there’s a reason to join the union: because it’s ours!

Local 1000 was created by and for traveling musicians. No matter where you live in Canada or the U.S., if you tour on the folk, bluegrass and acoustic music circuit, Local 1000 is for you.

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Initiation fees

Local 1000 Covid-19 Updates and Resources

This page is meant to help members with the most up-to-date information and resources for getting through the Covid-19 Crisis. We are committed to sharing resources with our members and we will continue to do that as much as we can over the next while. This page may be updated with new information as it becomes available so please check back.

Work dues

Local 1000 Emergency Relief Fund – Covid 19

Local 1000 is committed to helping any member who finds themselves in financial crisis due to the current Covid-19 situation. Our Emergency Relief Fund (ERF can supply a no-interest, forgivable loan of up to $500 for members who need assistance to cover immediate needs such as rent or food costs. If you have savings to get you by for the next 1-2 months, please hold off on your request so we can help those in the most need first.

Donate to Local 1000 Emergency Relief Fund

Many of our members are suffering a huge loss of income right now due to cancelled concerts because of the Covid-19 crisis. As self-employed workers, most of us don’t have access to benefits like unemployment insurance or sick days. 

Here is one way you can help: donate to Local 1000’s Emergency Relief Fund (ERF)

What Does the Application for Benefit Reductions by the AFM Pension Mean?

In January participants in the AFM-EPF, the musicians’ union pension fund, received a letter about a petition to the US Treasury Department under the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act to reduce benefits. Member John O’Connor has prepared a summary to explain what’s happening

New Deal Winter 2020

The Winter 2020 edition of New Deal is now available!

Urgent: Proposed Changes to P2 Performing Visa fees for Canadian musicians

The Department of Homeland Security is currently proposing to increase the fees for P2 visas for foreign performing artists by up to 53%, from $460 to $705. This would be a huge increase for our Canadian members who already endure an uncertain and expensive process to obtain performing visas.

Please take a few minutes and make your voice heard for your Canadian brothers and sisters. We urge all our US members to visit the website for commenting on the proposed changes and register your opposition. Commenting is open until December 30th.


  • 30 Sep 2020 Executive Board Meeting in Online at Online
  • 10 Nov 2020 Executive Board Meeting in Online at Online
  • 16 Dec 2020 Executive Board Meeting in Online at Online

New Deal

  • New Deal Winter 2020

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